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Located in the town of zhongshan city shaizai chemical industry clusters of guangdong kingho new materials co., LTD., formal completion, construction area of more than forty thousand square meters, with an annual output of 50000 tons of scale, the use of advanced production technology and construction pattern, fully automated production line device, intelligent control system, environmental protection, security, science will be built, high efficiency, energy saving of adhesive, printing ink production base, for "and" brand ink adhesive and create beauty product development laid a solid foundation.


  位于中山市民衆鎮沙仔化工聚集區的廣東九游会国际官网app下载新材有限公司正式落成 ,建設占地面積四萬多平方米 ,年産規模5萬噸 ,采用先進的生産工藝技術及建築格局 ,配置全自動化生産線裝置 ,智能化控制系統 ,將建成環保、安全、科學、高效、節能的膠粘劑、油墨生産基地 ,爲“九游会国际官网app下载”牌膠粘劑和創美油墨産品的發展壯大奠定了堅實的基礎。


On August 28, 2019, the golden wind sent cool, spring planting autumn harvest, in this harvest season, kingho group ushered in the 22nd anniversary of the factory celebration!The factory celebrates that day, the company organizes all staff to hold autumn tour activity, celebrate this great moment together!

Zhongshan kingho chemical co., LTD. Has been awarded the title of "national high-tech enterprise" for 11 consecutive years.Specializing in the development, production and sales of adhesives, the company mainly has solvent two-component polyurethane adhesives, solvent-free polyurethane adhesives, adhesives for heat sealing coating and other series of products, widely used in soft packaging, military decoration, electronic appliances and other adhesive fields.

The company adheres to the research and development concept of "green and environmental protection", takes the market demand as the guidance, gives full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, and constantly provides the market with high-quality products to meet the needs, details......

2019年8月28日 ,金風送爽 ,春種秋收 ,在這個豐收的時節 ,九游会国际官网app下载集團迎來了22周年廠慶!廠慶當天 ,公司組織全體員工舉行秋遊活動 ,共同慶祝這一偉大的時刻!

    中山市九游会国际官网app下载化工有限公司連續十一年榮獲“國家高新技術企業”。專業從事粘合劑的研發、生産和銷售 ,公司主要有溶劑型雙組分聚氨酯粘合劑、無溶劑聚氨酯粘合劑、熱封塗層用粘合劑等系列産品 ,廣泛應用于軟包裝、建軍材裝飾、電子電器等粘合領域。   

     公司堅持“綠色環保”的研發理念 ,以市場需求爲導向 ,發揮科技創新的優勢 ,不斷爲市場提供滿足需求的優質産品 ,展開詳情......



With the continuous development of the company, now we need to recruit a group of talents to create more achievements together, we sincerely invite you to join us! Please enter...

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